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Beside the Tracks

Beside the Tracks is the title of my second group of rail images, which includes compositions that reflect a preference for capturing the train in a picturesque landscape setting, as well as an attempt to provide several other trackside perspectives. Each image is labeled; accompanying narratives will soon be available.

The same passion to capture an attractive image in a typically less than popular and relatively obscure location that drove the Wyoming from the Rails collection has been the impetus behind this body of work.

Beside the Tracks was most recently displayed at Pearl Street Bagels in Jackson, Wyoming, in the spring of 2005, and featured these ten images, as well as three best sellers from the Wyoming from the Rails collection, including Morning Reflection, Wind River Bridge, and Sunrise Freight.


Tough Creek
Serpentine Shadow Boxing
Enlightenment Riovista
Haying SeasonGolden Dawn
Silhouette Echo Canyon Cliffs

All images © Dan Buchan 2022 and may not be reproduced without permission.

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