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Since moving to Wyoming in 1994 from my home state of Massachusetts, I rekindled a long-dormant passion for trains that my father instilled when I was a child.

The gift of an HO gauge model railroad for my eighth Christmas, followed by numerous drives in my father's truck to explore and photograph the rails of eastern Massachusetts, planted the seeds.

I'm a self-taught photographer, though I've benefited from living in Jackson Hole for twenty years where I was able to consult with and learn from several world-class landscape and wildlife photographers.

I use a 35mm Canon EOS1, several Canon zoom lenses ranging in focal length from 18mm to 300mm, and a rock solid Gitzo tripod. Fuji Velvia is my film of choice. The only piece of extra glass is a UV filter to block unwanted haze from the sun; otherwise, no filters are used to modify the work. No software of any kind has been used to enhance the original exposure; what you see is that which was captured on the film when I opened the shutter.




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